"Barbed Wire Around My Heart"

You point a gun at me
Your words hit me like bullets
Let me whimper like a puppy
Hit me hard, struck me like lighting!

And now your love slowly fades away
Even though my feelings still stay
So many things I'm supposed to say
The past hold us down
What was wrong with me?
To ruin the happiness I could clearly see
Our hearts were joined into a passionate dance of love
What we had
Will always stay in my heart

The memories with you are like barbed wire around my heart
Wish I could fake that I don't care
The wire is slowly more deeply going into my heart
I cannot break free
From the spell that you did put on me
Hell welcomes me with open arms
I cannot escape it, my destiny stands strong
I tried to move on
But the wire
With my every heartbeat
Reminds me of the past
About the happiness that could last

I close my eyes and I see your face
Even in my dreams I am not safe
My heart is made of scars
That will fade with time
But the memory of them will always stay
The pain of loosing you will never go away
I go with the monsters of the past
I am hypnotised
By how happy I was when our souls did fall into each others hands
But then I cannot take on anymore
When my past and my hopes
Hit the reality with full speed
I wasn't wearing a seatbelt
The pain went through all my body
Like the electricity

Your voice still echoes in my head
I still remember your smile
Those happy imps in your eyes
Your angelic touch
Your healing lips
The wings I could hide in when I was scared or in pain
Now let me just stand in this never-ending rain... 

The End

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