"Untitled 2"

Look at me now
Shell with no soul
Laughter without joy
Passion without love
You happy is a harmful sight
I care about you
But I want you mine
Jealousy hits me with full force
Supernova exploding in my soul
My mind, my heart
Its overwhelming, can't deny it
Can't defend it

Little monster is growing in me
Turned now into a dragon
Spitting out hatred
Saying things I don't even mean
Lying about the things I seen
Surprised by my action
I try to distant myself
Build a wall of silence
But with your one kind word
The wall is smashed
And I crashed
Into the reality

I surround myself with many people
Convincing myself
It is over
But my mind is like
An assassin
Have no pity
No remorse
I cannot show myself naked
Without a disguise of happiness
I will never let you see me down
Carry on with your life
Show that smile that I hide in my heart
Deep inside
Be happy thats what only matters
Even though my happiness slowly shatters

What to do when I find it hard to breathe without you
When my heart screams when I'm near you
When you ease my pain with a hug
Make my heart race just with your look?

Drowning in memories
In pain
Wearing a disguise so you won't get hurt
Look into my eyes
And for the last time take my breath away... 

The End

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