The pain is roaring through my heart
Feels like I am taking part in dramatic art
My heart is falling apart
After a flying start
I crashed hard on the ground

My soul is aching with memories and pain
I am crawling in the rain
Trying to catch the last train
To my sanity
I lost my humanity
In this insanity

My cries in vain wake up all what I tried to forget
That deep, dark regret
That made my angel so upset
I knew that our hearts finally met
But then I turned out to be a threat
Sorry angel, I never said I was a saint

I close my eyes
All your truth appears to be all lies
Now my face is wearing a disguise
To hide all those silent cries
All of our goodbyes
Resulted in my million sights
And something inside me dies

I feel replaced
I have distaste
Towards myself

The pain is filling me to the point of agony
This is my dark symphony
Beginning of the monotony
No more harmony
Cannot have anyone as a company
In this endless sea of memories, pain and suffering

I give you my tormented smile
Enough of this trial
Let me hide in my bittersweet denial
Even though the truth hit me with full force
And I am choking in my remorse... 

The End

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