I look into the mirror

I see myself with bloodshot eyes

Suddenly you appear next to me

Like an angel from nowhere

I know it is just my mind playing 

Playing cruel games with me

Memories I have with you

No one can take away from my soul

I think i lost myself somewhere along the line

I am broken, trying to hide everything with a smile

Only you know its not real 

Not real (scream)

I can't let you go from my mind

Or from my heart (scream)

You go to live your life

Will I be included? 

WIll I ever forget? 

My angel will always have a place in my heart

I think I am going down

I am going underground (scream)

Looking down on my memories

I feel like I will drown 

In this underground

Where you are an angel 

And I am always around

To help you

To be with you

I love the way you smile

The way you make me laugh

The way you make me happy

Taste of your lips

Smell of your hair

Warm feeling when I am with you (scream)

Is it all lost 

Or do I still have some hope?

Do I want the feeling to die?

Or I want to drown myself in this

Bittersweet underground

I think I am burning in this underground

You are the only angel here

I have this fear

That this all will happen again 

And I will be left with bittersweet memories 


But then I trust you more than anyone else

Take me on your wings

And let me feel high

Once again 

The End

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