Why I trusted you again?
You just keep playing your game
Questions pending in my head
So many things were left unsaid
Time I lost, no one can give me back

Why it hurts when you say "we're not meant to be"
When you didn't even try as hard as me
Next time lucky?
No way
Thats what everyone will say

Why I bother
Listening to all your lies even holy father
Will have enough
Now I am more tough
Thanks to you

Why I still care?
Maybe because finding girl like you is very rare
My feeling to you was real
Everything seems so clear
I still want you near,
Near me

Why my heart still goes so quick, when I see you?
Why I still love you?
Why so many things were left unsaid?
Slowly I can feel
Me going insane
Trying very hard to convince myself
I can move on, move on
My mind says I should
My heart says something else

The End

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