Thank you Nick!

This is me saying thank you to Nick, the creator of this amazing site - Protagonize. And few other things if you read carefully.

Thank you Nick. I bet everyone is urgent now to know why I am writing this piece at all. Well, get comfortable, grab a cookie, some milk and enjoy the tale - my own little fairytale. Everyone sitting down nicely? Okay, let me begin then. 

Last year, at 3rd of March, I had a person commenting on my lyric. You are now thinking "but, that is nothing 'wow!'" For me, it was a start of the journey that I thought I would never experience. You see, because of what happened in my past, I stopped believing in many things - love, dreams. I just gave up altogether. I needed someone to make me realise that those things still exist on this harsh planet called Earth. 

And then... on 3rd of March one person commented on my lyrics, as I said above. Then we started talking. I had no idea that it will have so much of a big impact on my life as it had. One silly comment... and it changed my life. 

What I want to thank Nick for is for creating this amazing website. The website that enabled me to meet my own little angel. My own little angel that made me believe in myself again slowly. Someone that made me realise that true love is out there still. Someone who gave me something for fighting for. And finally I don't feel so empty anymore. It feels great to have someone I can talk anything about to. From serious things, what is bothering my soul and heart to talking about silly things like silly videos on Youtube. 

I love the feeling that I finally managed to totally open up to someone. To open my soul again to someone is great. And I will never regret that choice to push all my effort and all my heart into my little angel. I feel like with her I managed to have my own fairytale. That I love with all my soul. 

What I want to say is massive thank you. To Nick for letting me meet her and still managing this website so well. I think everyone will agree that because of this website we made some amazing contacts. I know I will not forget mine to the end of my life. 

And I want to thank my little angel. For this amazing one year you gave me. For my smiles that were mainly because of you. For just being yourself. Because that is when you are the most beautiful. I love you no matter how broken you are, how your past is hunting you down sometimes. I love you with all your flaws because they made the most amazing soul I had joy of meeting.

Thank you. 

The End

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