My Confession

I've never been to confession. I'm a Christian but not a Catholic. And yet I've done a lot of research -- I think I know how it works now.

Sometimes there's so much stuff on my mind I find it hard to let it out. There's only so much you can say as fiction and you can't always talk in third person. So I decided I would write a confession. Here I am, God. Take me. Heal me. Make me. And then, break me again. I'm here with open arms, shivering in the night cold. Take me!

I had a prayer session last night, on my own, in my bed at home. I was just whispering my sins and crying, crying and crying and crying. I couldn't help it. I was on my knees, before the cross once more. Take me.

This is my confession.

Don't think less of me.

The End

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