My Bruise

It's just a simple essay with a sort of deep meaning.

I woke this morning with a bruise my arm. Weird. I didn't do anything dangerous yesterday. It was your typical Tuesday night: Family Movie Night with sushi and frozen yogurt. Did I fall out of bed and Mom put me back? Nah. I'm 15 now; Mom couldn't carry me.

Hm, well, I'll just put some ice on it. That should help it, right? Wrong. I put the ice pack on it for thirty minutes, and nothing happened! I actually think the bruise had gotten bigger.

This time I'll try soaking it in warm water. Maybe that'll help. Boy, was I wrong. Soaking it in water actually made it hurt worse than before.

None of my methods seem to work, so I'll try and ignore it for now. It doesn't seem to be going away. Maybe if I forget about it, I'll forgot about the pain.

The End

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