Oh my blue blue heart

I had love but lost it

The match was lit

but there was no fire

And you easily tire

All you want to say is I tried

but you lied


When did you fight?

You could have been the light

But you were too afraid of getting burned


Oh my heart

Thrown back into my chest

And bruised by the let down

Oh my blue blue heart

Wants to know why it just can't let go?

Why it must love a coward of a man?

Oh my blue blue heart

Verse 2

When did it die for you?

When was it your cue?

When was it safe for you to walk out that door?

And leave me begging for more...

Because it seems like it's all a show for you

Tell me it's untrue

I'd hate to think badly of you


Verse 3

What would you say to me now?

Would you take your all too graceful bow?

Don't be proud of this

Cause there's no bliss

Not for me

Not when I can not be

 Not when I still wonder what if?


The End

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