The SilenceMature

This is the blog where I write down my thoughts about many things. Most of them are positive, so it won't be anything that isn't mocking or bullying other people.

Why is it so quiet here? Is it because I'm just new and no one is giving me a chance? D: I just don't really understand that. I mean, I can't write shorter chapters like they suggest because I'm used to writing long ones when it comes to story writing. I feel like it sucks out a really good chapter with all the details and stuff. I always try to keep my chapters between 1000 and 1,200 words though.

Normally, it's just under 1,000, but it depends on the chapter too. I just wish people would give me a chance and acknowledge the skills I have. It's the only way I can improve and get better at writing.

The End

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