My Best Christmas Memory Is....

Basically, I want to hear everybody's recollection of their best Christmas Memory :)

It was snowy outside, I know, it doesn't snow anymore. That doesn't make Christmas morning any less magical or exciting, and every year I always revert back into that beaming little kid who's extremely tired because he hadn't slept the night before due to the excitement, but still manages to summon the energy to tear the wrapping from his presents.

My mop styled bowlcut wobbled and shook as i bound down the stairs, leaving my cartoon car and plane wall-papered room behind. 

It was 7.00, and I had got, at the maximum about 6 hours sleep. But, when you're 4, and it's Christmas Morning, none of that matters.

We weren't the richest family, and my choice of wants differed greatly from what they are now, but Santa nevertheless delivered something that still warms my heart when i think about it now.

A toy slide.

Barely four foot tall and made out of the same plastic as they make the little ride in yellow and red cars out of.

Up and down, up and down i went, not tiring at all. Every moment being captured on camera by my father, who, by no fault of his own taped over it with an Eastenders Christmas special a few years later.

It's about forty seconds of childhood joy, then, BAM! Phil Mitchell's head hits ya'

But I don't need video proof of that day, my happiest Christmas memory still rests in the back of my mind, and I hope, it always will be.

The End

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