My Artistic Impulses

Everyone get artistic impulses. I have my fair share of them. What are these artistic impulses anyways?

I was feeling very lonely. Summer holidays had started and none my so called "friends" were in touch with me.

Night had fallen. I was searching for something to keep me busy. I looked out of my window. I could see the entire city out of my window. I always like looking at the city at night. There are so many lights around like thousands of little pearls scattered around, the place seems to be all livened up.

But something was different. One half was the city was in dark while the other half was shimmering in faint silver light. Yes! It was a full moon day!

Suddenly, the lights went out. My mom told me that it was a breakdown and that the electricity would come back after a good two hours.

I sighed because it was a hot day. I needed my share of Air Conditioners. I don't like those things(especially after reading about CFCs) but it was a necessity.

Once again, I looked out of my window. This time the scene caught my breath. I had never seen moonlight at such glory like this. Because there were no lights in the city, the moonlight seemed brighter than before. The entire city was showered with pale silver light.

On seeing this sight, I had felt a sudden urge to pick up a paintbrush, a canvas and make my own rendition of this amazing sight. I felt my heartbeats grow more rapid. I grew more excited. It was my artistic impulse.

Sadly, there was no canvas at my place. I had used all of the free ones.

Cursing my luck, I resumed my sightseeing.

I often get impulses like these. I asked myself a question: do artists often get impulses like these?

My answer was: Most probably, yes. But all artists are not painters.

For a writer, who creates magic with his words is a piece of art. For a cook, a dish well prepared is a piece of art. For a pilot, a flight without any trouble is a piece of art. For designers of clothes, cars, jewelers, something well designed is a piece of art. For a teacher, a lesson well taught is a piece of art (though I don’t approve of some methods of doing it). For a musician, a good song is a masterpiece. And the list goes on. For a painter who follows his heart and portrays his thoughts through painting is a piece of art.

I guess we are all artists in some way or the other.


The End

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