I don't care how many people tell me to forget, I just cannot.

I miss:

- the way you'd smile at me when I did something silly

- your smile when I made weird noises when playing Super Mario Galaxy

- your laugh when we'd see someone fall over

- the way you would exaggerate a story for my entertainment

- how you'd jump for joy when KoL would play on my iPod

- how when I would wear your clothes the smell would be on me for days

- the way you'd smile at me when I'm in pj's and have no make-up on

- the way you'd compliment me the way nobody else would

- how you could make my heart beat faster even after 2 years

- the way you fixed your hair when it was in your face

- the random facts and information through messages

- the rantings about films you watch

- how you would always look better than me no matter what I did

- the way your arms would wrap around me when you hugged me

- the affection

- you. 

The End

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