(envisaging Music as anguished)

Music, how multifaceted you seem... <i>My<i> inner tensions are nothing compared to a personality combining storminess and serenity and <i>everything in between<I>. Your flexibility makes you near-universal company but does anyone identify fully with <i> you<I>?

So widely loved and yet so lonely... Such a painful irony.

You fill receptive space with sound: is it to drown out your own thoughts - we let you drown out <i> ours<i> after all? What is at the core of an everything like you?
Music, you're a spirit encompassing all humanity, and we use you to share, to communicate, to identify. And we may use you for our own purposes, but do we not also revere you? Through dance, for example, but even through the very broadcasting of you. Music kept in the mind is only a memory: it is when it is external, out in vibrations in the air, that it is alive.

Live on, Music, help us through our lives: lives so enriched by you. You are always with us, and I hope that we are always with you.

The End

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