Some reflections on music.

Walk into the cavern of Atmosphere. Close your eyes and look around its halls. The place is vast, and at once empty and full. It is empty to be filled with your thoughts and feelings; it is full of its own Mood, a gentle aura around the edges : it has infiltrated but is welcome in your mind. 

So much space. Things, invisible and yet subtly tangible, are dancing in the air. 

This is a temple of inspiration. Reap what you can : pluck the treasures from out of the blue. This is a palace whose owner is rich, who always has wealth to spare : wealth he wants to share.

It's a familiar place: see your memories and imaginings replay in the high-ceilinged, furniture-bare rooms. And yet it is its own space, independent of you, too. Its effect on everyone is different. It is a place for exploring at once the diversity of human experiences and subjectivity. 

And yet, it's beyond human too. We may have harnessed the mystical force already existing on Earth and used it for our own pleasure, but that is merely because it was generous enough to lend it to us. How else to explain how it evades the clunky miscommunications so characteristic of humanity? This is a pure essence, this is life stripped to its profoundly beautiful core. It is a reason to live for us all. 

So the cavern is universal, although personal too. What a wonder. Like the one thing left in Pandora's box, it is a flame among dust and shadows. 

Those things, invisible, dancing, are bright like fireflies or stars. 

You're welcome to dance too. 

The End

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