Mr. John Christopher Mesana

Rumor has it that our Science Enrichment teacher, Mr. Mesana's leaving our school. He's just a new teacher, and he's so damn good at teaching. He's not like those teachers who are boring and says things students don't want to listen to. He's fun to be with and although he says abnormally offending criticisms at you, you will still manage to laugh at what he says because you know he's only kidding. I have to admit that he's handsome like many students say but I don't like him. "Like" as in crush.  I only admire him because he's so good at teaching and he's good at dancing. I'm actually "turned-on" with boys who dance well. 
If you're going to be his student you would definitely fall in love with him. "Love" as in, love him as your father, not as... a lover. Do you get what I'm saying? I will definitely cry on Monday if he's not our teacher anymore.  

He's also one of my club's moderators. Students said that Pas Des Tous (dance club) leveled-up once Mr. Mesana handled us. He got fired of his position in the club and I was so sad and heart-broken. Words can't explain how many tons of depression I have right now. 

The End

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