Motorcyles and Love

this is a story my friend told me about love. Its only one chapter long coz its quite short. It is a real story though. Just bear that in mind when you read it, its really sad.

This is a story about a boy and girl. They were on the boys motorbike, going over 100mph. The girl was getting scared by the speed they were going. She didn't have a helmet on, but the boy did.

'Please. Slow Down! Im scared!' She said to the boy.

'Oh c'mon. You are having fun, right?' Said the boy back to her.

'No! I am not having fun at all! Slow down!' She yelled back.

'Give me a hug.' Was all the boy said.

The girl didn't understand why he wanted a hug but did it anyway.

'Now, tell me you love me.'

The girl said, 'I love you. NOW PLEASE SLOW DOWN!' She screamed.

'Just. Put my helmet on your head.' The boy said to her. She did as he said, took the helmet off him and put it on her own head.

In the Newspapers next day...

Boy and Girl in motorcycle accident, only one survived.

The boy had realised the brakes had stopped working but didn't say anything so the girl wouldn't be scared. He wanted to feel her hug one last time and hear her say she loved him. He knew he would die, he didn't want the girl to have the same fate so he made her put his helmet on her head.

That is what most people would call true love.

The End



The End

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