Monkey See; Monkey do

This is a spoken word poem that I hope to someday preform live :) I think its really weird and kind of dark, but I still like it. Well, I hope you enjoy it :)

If I ruled the world there would be no lies

No bad things no secrets only long hard times

For the ones uncontrolled by themselves

Apart of a mass media that thinks they are bigger than someone else i admire

This mass media has pulled in the most popular ones

Wherever there is money there are people who will pull out a gun, rob, steal, lie, and cheat

Just to have their name on the title of a Meet and Greet

Greatness lies in the talent of the people who hold it

But the ones that control it will do anything if it means no one gets told of it

I’m not a secretive person, I’ll be glad to do some exposing

It seems the celebrities on the top of the charts are the ones at fault

Even they know who they are

They go around flashing the cars, and dollar bills, new snapback hats, and hordans that have been out for years, finally get an interview, then hide who they really are, disguising their evil thoughts about their plans on Sunday

To praise a man that fell from paradise due to inability to handle it

Well i have news for you and that man...

If you can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen

There was never competition

He who holds evil in their hearts will be a part of this media and their missions to continue sin, and do away with the good... for instance

The celebrities throw up signs in their videos thinking it’s cool to use their talents as a tool to win over the minds of children, and teens and have more gang violence in the streets

No parent should bury their child


To the ones we lost

It’s not exactly a hard thought

When we have musicians saying their own troubled thoughts in the lyrics to songs

It’s all a part of their plan

Monkey See, Monkey Do

If this plan works out, there will be no more of the Holy Book

Only cheating, lying, stealing, and deceiving looks

There will be more children in the street than in school

More parents unwilling to explain the bad things and the consequences for actions

For every action there’s a reaction

Don’t be a part of it

Apart of that stupid plan

With the elite there are only two rules

Don't ask questions

Monkey see monkey do

The End

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