Money Traps

Ramblings on about money and how it affects people and society.

 There's too many people out there who feel trapped by their surroundings. They feel they can't go anywhere or do anything because they all require money and they don't have the money. So they turn to alcohol and drugs to get rid of the reality of being trapped. They then in turn lose their jobs and home and then in continues in a downward spiral of despair.

Money is like time. You get it, you don't know what to do with it, you either spend it or waste it and then you want more. What would happen if we just forgot about all that and just concentrate instead on the world around us? Would the world stop? Will people stop talking to one another? Would we still go out and explore the world? Would we still work to provide food, water and shelter? Or would we grow closer as a community and help each other just for the sake of it? Since we were kids, we were brought up to believe that money has meaning. That without it we can't go anywhere or do anything

Money stops things from happening. Talented people are left without a show. Poor people are left without a meal. People who ask for help are left out in the cold. Children are left without an education.

Money creates greed. Greed creates wars. Wars create death and poverty. Look at the American-Iraqi war for example. The war was over a bit of oil. The US government spent over 3 trillion US$ on this war and they still lost. Now the whole world is in debt and thousands of lives were destroyed, especially innocent civilians. Over 2 million lives were lost on both sides. Many more people have been affected. All for something we believe we need.

I guess, to me, freedom means having the ability to go anywhere or doing anything they choose to without being hassled. I see money as a hassle. If people would throw away their money, I'm sure the simplicity and beauty of life would show itself to them more clearly.  I think without money people will get exactly what they need, not what they want.

I think if everyone, just for one day, stopped what they were doing, leave all their money at home, and just went on an adventure with just the essentials everything would work out just fine. Everyone would feel calm and content and most of all, free. They would not want to know what's everyone doing, who's the latest and greatest and I bet they would be content in just letting things be as they are while taking in the beauty of the world.

I myself am just like so many other people. When I have money I feel a compulsion to spend it immediately and then I feel like an idiot because I have no money and I'm left with a lot of stuff. I see everything around me that doesn't breathe or that we don't need as just things. I see motor transport as things. I see communication devices as things. I see festive holidays such as Christmas as things.

Maybe I'm right or maybe I just see things differently in the world. I don't know, maybe I just wish that getting rid of money will stop all the cruelty and unnecessary death in the world.... or at least the world will cut down on it.

The End

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