Money: a Sign of the TimesMature


These are some fucked up times.
These times are fucked up...for anyone that isn't rich.

Money...Money is the king, sitting on top of a thrown that rules with an iron fist, threatens, motivates, regulates, debilitates and then sentences you to death, after it's done using you up for all that you're worth to it (or someone you owe it to).

Money: The great shephard, oppressor, and great divider between those who have it, and those who don't.
But everybody "needs" it... 

Times are tough.
Times are bad.

Yes, you know we live in dire times when you have to take 2 or 3 steps backward, just to be able to take 1 step forward.

From the first confirmation of our very existence, before we have even taken our first breath of air, we have become a financial burden to someone else.
Someone else, our parents, very likely may have rued the fucking day they heard the word "pregnant"...why?
Because they more than likely, were already in debt...

Doesn't almost everyone nowadays cringe when they hear the word "pregnant"?
Well, television and the movies don't count, 'cause that's just bullshit fantasy.
Our lives however are not so pleasantly portrayed to the masses as we discover firsthand, that Santa Claus is the biggest scam that our parents served to us with a warm slice of pie, then lead us to question more things, and for some of us, lead us to question EVERYTHING...

Don't remember the days when a new baby was such a wonderful joy for all, instead of such a stubbed toe?
It's because those were the days before money held such a high level of power and oppression over a majority of the "civilized" populous, and none of us were around back then.
Loans, lease agreements, payments, deposits, taxes...

Yes debt is what keeps us on the great, big hampster wheel in the game of "life" in this society.
It keeps us on our toes, keeps us busy, keeps us needing more and needing to DO more, to be able to compliment all the other empty and useless crap that we already have, that we somehow just can't bear to live without now.
We NEED this now.
This system and it's Money, the life blood that keeps it going.

Yes, the only reason most of us are still kept around, so that we can keep making more of it for someone else.

Don't like that?
Me either.
What do we do?
Well, for starters how about stop giving so much of it to someone else, people and companies that could give a fried rat's ass about us, our friends, family and loved ones.

Business suits, friendly agents and smiling faces are the enemy.
("We need YOU, to keep us ABOVE you...) :D

You want a "revolution", well, it starts with cutting the bullshit out of our lives, and that means for 1: people that don't care about us, 2: things you don't really NEED (minimalism), and 3: finding another fucking way around the dead-locked, traffic jam that's keeping you from enjoying your life, before you become entrapped behind miles and miles of the same idiots that like to drive home after work at the exact same time everyday, and then wonder WHY this happens every fucking time too...
Like the Albert Einstein quote: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Food for thought... 

The End

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