Seconds That Lasted A Lifetime

I watched anxiously, waiting for this wedding to get underway. It was taking forever, and I just wanted to see her face, one last time before she was to become a bride.

The two kids who were the ring bearer and flower girl were the last to walk down the aisle, and I beamed, absolutely ecstatic to know Adele was going to be next.

Everyone waited, knowing she would be stepping down the aisle, anytime.

It was as if the world stopped spinning, and everything was put on hold. She took my breathe away, stopping my heart. Seconds didn't seem to matter anymore- nothing did.

The white dress she wore was perfect, even complementing her gray eyes. Her curly black hair was put up, and as our eyes locked, she smiled, showing her white teeth. I loved her. I knew I wanted to be with her forever, it just felt right.

I didn't want this to end; I wouldn't mind staring at her forever. She was the love of my life, and my best friend. I wanted her as my own.

But that was never going to happen. I wasn't the one she was to marry; I was a groomsmen, nothing more and nothing less.

I frowned as the seconds ticked by, and it came closer to the time when she was going to be married to a man I could hardly stand.

Closing my eyes, I pretended we were back in those few seconds where it seemed everything had paused. I wish time really had stopped, maybe then I could have made everything turn out right.

The End

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