An Accident's Reality

People say that life can last for a long time...or that it can be gone within a split second. When I lost mine, time seemed to slow down and I watched everything happen amidst the horror and shock I was feeling inside me.

It was a normal day, walking back from a long day of work, feeling exhausted. I was surrounded by people next to me in the traffic light, waiting for the signal to come that says i could cross the street. That's when I saw her. A small child that seemed to be only around 5 years old was waddling across the street. God knows where her parents were. Coming in full speed, was a huge truck, just about to hit the small child. Right then, everything slowed down, the lorry was still coming in a speed that could send the girl flying away to meet her death. I rushed out of the crowd and pushed her out of the way.

As I turned around, my eyes filled with horror, I saw the truck come closer...and closer...and closer to me. It felt like I could've run away, avoided my own death. But at the same time, I just couldn't. The impact sent me flying, my eyes wide open in alarm. I felt numb...but I still knew that this was my end.

I turned my head and saw the small girl crying, pointing me from far away. I smiled weakly at her and whispered, knowing she won't be able to hear me, "'s going to be okay."

Seemed like more of a comfort to myself than to her.

The End

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