Moments In Time

This is about writing about a freezed moment in time; it could be a minute, a second, whatever you want. Enjoy :D

One minute. One minute until the biggest match of my entire life. We were all in position. I could see the backs of our strikers legs, tensed and poised, rearing to go like a lion, stalking its prey. My breath crystalised in the brisk air in front of me as i stared into the eyes of my ferocious opponent. You could almost see the fire, raging behind his steely pupils, the burning desire to suceed melting the frosted grass peaks around his boots.

I looked to my left. There he was. Pacing. Growling. Snarling. I was relieved that he was on my team. It was Tommy, the animal, the power. Nothing stood in his way. Blood dripping from his knee wouldn't stop him. Not having a knee wouldn't stop him. His sharpened blades glistened in the weak rays of the winter sun, the captains armband disfigured the already muddy yellow shirt on his arms. The fans were silent. The players were silent. The officials were silent. Everyone focused on the most important match there ever was, and ever would be. This game changed lives. Especially mine.

In front of me, the referee glanced at his frozen watch. It was time. He put the ball down on a hastily painted spot in the centre circle and raised the whistle to his cold, blue lips. I banged my gloved hands together as the piercing sound exploded the life changing game into life.

The End

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