Mom, I'm just not your little girl anymore.

Mom. Stop calling me on my cell at 3 in the morning to ask what I'm doing.

 I'm not a little girl and I can take care of myself.

I'm perfectly capable of living on my own.

Don't tell me to clean my room, or tell me not to be home late.  

I know you  love me but just please stop bugging me.

And so yeah, I'm not gonna clean my room, and I might just be home late tonight.

I've been in the nest for far too long, I'm not a baby bird.

If you'd give me the chance to try, gimme one little push and mama, watch me fly!

Because I can't be a star if I don't take my bow, and I can't take my bow without a curtain call and if you don't let me get onto the stage then I won't get the curtain call and I won't be able to be a star. 

The End

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