Moebius script outline

A man loses his memory and is caught in a loop of his own life. Set in provincial America. I would pitch it as Twin Peaks meets U-Turn meets Groundhog Day.

A man driving through a snowstorm at night. His visibility worsening, the wipers struggling to keep up with the snow which builds on the windscreen. The tune he is listening to on the radio crescendos and he crashes into a ditch by the side of the road. Silence as the camera pans up and out from the scene. A road sign comes into view which says: Welcome to Moebius, pop. 808.

We see him waking up in the doctor’s surgery. Bright lights blind him, his vision is blurry. The doctor is seen whispering to an elderly nurse and a middle aged man with a look of authority. The latter sees he is awake and leans in to say: “Rest easy, son. We’ve got you. You’re safe now.” At which, he looks about him, seeing vague shapes of many people watching through a window, before collapsing back into sleep.

He wakes again in a small, rudimentary ward. He is in a wheelchair, a drip connected to his arm. Opposite are two identical twin boys, aged about eleven or twelve. They stare at him completely emotionless, their faces frozen (they are suffering, in fact, from Moebius syndrome, and we will see them again in due course). Across the room is a woman in her 50s, wearing a hospital gown with her sagging buttocks poking out at the back. She is methodically bouncing a rubber ball on an elastic string against a wooden paddle, deep in concentration. In a flash he remembers the sound of the crash and flinches. His hand reaches for his face, then his chest and arms and legs, as he searches himself for evidence of injury. There appears to be none. At all. He is very confused. We see him struggle to remember.

“You’re alright”. Comes a voice behind him. He pivots to see a clown in full costume and make-up, though slightly weirder than your average. “I’m here for them”, he says, pointing to the twins. “But I’m here for you too. If you want. Got more chance of making you smile, I reckon”. He doesn’t smile, or say anything – this is all very strange and worrying. He remains silent.

The clown wheels him out into the town of Moebius, explaining a few details as he goes, as if addressing a child. We observe a few of the quirks and fetishes the town has to offer, though still with the sense this is a real place and not a fantasy – everything is in the realms of possibility, just strange. The clown wheels him into a bar, still in his gown, drip attached, and asks him what he wants to drink. Then if he remembers anything. He admits he just feels a little lost. To which the bartender replies enigmatically “not for the first time... and probably not for the last, I’d say. This one’s on the house.”

The man turns to address the clown, but he is gone. “Where did the clown go?” he asks. “What clown?” says the bartender, and wonders off to serve elsewhere.

“I know who you are”, says an adjacent barfly. “oh, really, great, because I’m struggling with that one, I think”. “And I know who found you. You belong to Daddy.” It transpires that “Daddy” is some kind of mayor, or head honcho of the town, and is the middle aged suited man he saw as he first awoke in the surgery. The barfly figures that because Daddy found him he owes him a debt of thanks and should seek him out to say so. “I’m not sure I can”, he says, indicating the wheelchair. The barfly finds this highly amusing, “Sure you can”, he snorts, “what’s wrong with you? You some kind of cripple?”. The man thinks about it and realises he can stand, actually very easily. More than that, he feels fine. Better than fine! He unplugs the drip, finishes his drink and starts to head out into the night. “Here”, offers the barfly, handing him a long, ragged, leather coat with a fur collar. The man notices the barfly is already wearing a coat. “Who’s is this”, he asks. “Yours”, says the barfly quite simply. The man puts it on with a shrug and heads outside on his own.

From here a sequence of bizarre encounters with the folk of Moebius; a long sequence when he finally meets up with Daddy; and his introduction to the heavily pregnant Fin, with whom he falls in love at first sight.

Several things begin to happen:

He feels increasingly frustrated and trapped by his situation.

He feels in mortal danger via Daddy.

His cuts and bruises from the crash begin to slowly reappear.

He begins to suspect that Fin is his wife, and her baby his.

Ultimately he makes his escape, stealing a car. There is a snowstorm. He sees a sign by the road. And crashes. The End.

The End

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