My name, Kayla. I am 15 years old and I'm in high school. Everything was normal, until the new kid showed up. His name, Tyler. He is a very unusual guy. He doesn't really talk to anyone but me and he has no trubble expressing himself. I grow to like him and trust him and possibly even love him. But one day, Tyler vanishes. Me and my friends go looking for Tyler. Finally we find him. When we find him, we learn about who Tyler really is. Along the way, we meet a guy names Gabrielle. I grow very at

What to do, what to do? I have 3 projects due tomorrow along with 4 papers that I haven’t even started. Oh sorry. My name is Kayla. I am 15 and I live in Cobourg Ontario. My school? CDCI West high school. This school is amazing but I get too much homework for my liking. At least it’s lunch and I can forget about classes for at least an hour. I told my friends I would meet them in the cafeteria. The people I’m talking about are Carley, she has long brown hair and blue eyes, Quinn, a short boy with short blonde hair and blue eyes, Diane, she has sort of long blonde hair and blue eyes, Skipper, she has really short brown hair and brown eyes, Sam, she also has blonde hair and blue eyes, Cassie, she has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, Trevor, he’s a really tall boy with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, and Isabella, she has short brown hair and blue eyes. These are my best friends. I don’t have that many classes with them but at least I can spend an hour with them.
"Hey Kayla," calls Quinn from behind me.
I turn to see Quinn and Cassie walking down the hall towards me.
"Hey guys," I call to them.
"You heading to lunch," asks Cassie.
"Ya, I was just going to stop by my locker to put my books away," I say looking at all my books.
"Ok, we’ll meet you down there," says Quinn and they walk away.
I walk to my locker and put my stuff inside. After saying hi to Keegan, my lab partner, I go down to the cafe. Everyone is already there but thank god they saved me my favourite seat.
"Hey look who decided to show up," says Trevor, smiling at me.
I laugh and smack him in the head.
"Put a cork in it Trevor," I say to him and sit down beside him.
"Did you bring any lunch," asks Diane, looking at my empty hands.
"No. We couldn’t go shopping last night so I have nothing again," I say.
"Might as well eat my carrots. I’m not going to," says Isabella.
"Thanks Bella," I say to her on chop down on a carrot.
We eat our lunches then we decide to go outside for a bit. They just built a garden and we want to check it out. Once we get outside, we go to the back of the school. It’s a beautiful garden, full of flowers and trees.
"Hey Kayla. They have your favourite flower," says Cassie, picking up a lily.
"Thanks Cassie," I say to her and put it in my hair.
We sit around the garden until the bell rings. Me and Trevor head to Drama class while everyone else heads to Tech. Once in drama, the teacher calls us over. Me and Trevor go over to her.
"Hello Kayla, Trevor," says the teacher, "There’s a new student and I was wondering if you two could show him around this week."
Me and Trevor look at each other.
"Ya, sure, we can show him around," I say
"Great," says the teacher and goes over to a boy sitting in the corner.
She comes back with the boy, who’s really tall, and introduces him.
"Kayla, Trevor, this is Tyler. He just started here yesterday," says the teacher and walks away.
Tyler just stares at us.
"Would you like to warm up with us," I ask.
He just nods and we go find a clear spot.
After Drama, we go to Math class. Turns out, Tyler has all the same classes as Trevor and 3 of the same as me. We find a spot in math class and talk, ignoring the teacher like we always do.
"So, what do you do for fun," asks Trevor.
Tyler doesn’t say anything but shows us a sheet of music.
"Oh so you play an instrument. What one," I ask him.
He points to the top of the sheet to where it says Guitar.
"Oh cool. You should play something for us one day," I say looking at Trevor.
Class ends and we go outside. Cassie’s mom is picking all of us up after school.
"Oh no," I say.
"What’s wrong," asks Sam.
"I forgot my project outline," I say.
"Run back in and get it. I’ll tell my mom to wait for you," says Cassie.
"Ok, I won’t be long," I say and run inside.
I run all the way up to the third floor to my locker. I try to open my lock but it doesn’t seem to want to open. I hear footsteps from down the hall. I look up but don’t see anyone. I continue to try to open my lock until I hear more footsteps, this time closer. I turn around enough to see a shape move from the corner of my eye. I turn my head all the way around and see a figure walking towards me. I turn so my back is against my locker. The figure keeps coming closer. The figure finally steps into the light and I notice it’s Tyler.
"Oh my god Tyler, you scared me," I say, putting my hand on my fast beating heart.
"I’m so sorry Kayla," he says.
"You can talk," I ask him.
"Of course I can. I just choose not to," he says.
"What are you still doing here," I ask him.
"I don’t have a ride home," he says.
"Well I’m sure Cassie could give you a ride also," I say, turning back to my locker.
I try the combination again but it doesn’t work.
"Would you like some help," he asks me.
"Yes, that would be nice," I say and step aside.
He starts to move the dial and then pulls. It opens his first try.
"You know my combination," I ask him.
"Of course. I know everyone’s," he says and goes over to Quinn’s locker.
A few spins of the dial and the lock opens.
"How do you know them," I ask.
He doesn’t say anything.
"Can I share your locker with you," he asks, "I don’t have one and there are none."
"Uh ya, sure," I say.
He opens the door to my locker and puts his books on the second shelf. Then he shuts it and locks it.
"Oh wait. I need something," I say, just as he locks it.
"You mean your project outline," he asks, holding out a piece of paper.

“Oh, thank you,” I say to him and take the paper. How could he have known that I wanted my outline, I think to myself.

We walk out of the school and go look for Cassie and her mom. We find them in the front parking lot, waiting for me.

“He Kayla, what took you so long,” asks Diane from the back seat.

“I couldn’t find my outline in my locker,” I say, “Cassie could you possibly give Tyler a ride home also?”

She looks over at her mom and her mom nods.

“I guess so,” she says and opens the door.

Me, Tyler and Sam sit in the very back while the others are scrunched up in the middle. Carley is dropped off first since she lives just down the road. Then it’s me. As I go to get out of the car I notice Tyler starting to get out also. I don’t question this but say bye to everyone. Today is a Friday so I guess having Tyler over won’t upset my mother. I open the door and go inside. Tyler follows me and enters a room. My room.

“Tyler, what are you doing,” I ask him, walking up to the door.

“Sitting on your bed. This is your room right,” he asks me.

“Uh ya it is. But why are you in my room and not the living room,” I ask him.

“Because I like your room,” he says and stretches out on my bed.

“Ok,” I say and enter my room.

I go over and sit on the floor beside my bed. He looks over at me then moves over.

“Come lie down with me,” he says.

I sigh and get up. Instead of lying down, I sit beside him. I grab my laptop and log in. Tyler sits up just enough to see what I’m doing. After a while I hear the door open and close. I hear my mom calling me from the hall.

“I’m in here mom,” I call to her.

She comes up to the door but pauses when she sees Tyler.

“Who’s that,” asks my mom.

“A friend from school. He just got here yesterday,” I say to her.

“Hi Tyler. Would you like to stay for dinner,” asks my mom.

Tyler just sits there staring at my mom.

I look over at him and he nods.

“Ya he wants to stay,” I say.

“Ok,” says my mom and walks out of my room.

“Kayla, is it ok if I stay here for a few days,” asks Tyler, not looking up from my laptop.

“Ya I guess so. My brother just moved out so I guess you can use his room,” I say.

“Is it near your room,” he asks.

“No, his room is under mine,” I say to him.

“Is it ok if I sleep near you,” he asks me.

“I guess so. You can use the couch in the living room if you want,” I say, pointing to the couch.

“Thanks Kayla,” he says.

I go on MSN and notice Trevor and Cassie are on. I go into a three way conversation with them:



Hey Guys


Hey Trevor. What’s up Kayla?

Kayla && Tyler:

Nothing much, just sitting with Tyler


Awesome. Hi Tyler!! J

Kayla && Tyler:

He says hi


What you girlies (and Tyler) up to tonight?

Kayla && Tyler:

Going to see a movie with Tyler. Hbu Cassie?


Hanging with Quinn. Trevor you should hang with us


Maybe. Have fun at the movies Kayla

Kayla && Tyler:

Thanks Trevor


I’ll talk to you all later and I’ll call you later Cassie. Bye guys


Ok bye

Kayla && Tyler:

By Trevor J

Trevor has signed off

Kayla && Tyler:

I’m going to go too Cassie. See you later




I sign off MSN and call the movie theatre. There are no really good movies playing, just some romantic comedies.

“Let’s go see that one,” says Tyler, pointing to one that says Pride and Prejudice.

“Ok. I’ll just tell my mom that we’re leaving,” I say and leave the room.

When I come back into the room, Tyler is on my computer.

“What are you doing,” I ask him.

“Reading,” he says without looking up.

I go over to him and sit down on the bed again. I see that he is reading one of the stories that I wrote when I was bored.

“Uh can I have my laptop back,” I ask him.

“Ya sure. I like the story by the way,” he says.

“Thanks,” I say to him.

I look at him and look him in the eyes. He has nice short brown hair and really deep brown eyes. He looks tough enough to be on the rugby team but sweet enough that he wouldn’t hurt anyone. I quickly look away from him and back to my computer.

“Why won’t you lie down Kayla,” he asks me.

“I don’t want to lie down,” I say but find myself lying down anyway.

He has his arm on the pillow so I end up with his arm around me. He looks startled at first then calms down.

“We should get going soon. The movie starts in 20 minutes,” I say and log off my computer.

“Ok. Let’s go,” he says and stands up.

I get up and he follows me out of my room.

“Bye mom. Me and Tyler will be back after the movie,” I call to my mom.

As we are leaving, I run into my sister and her boyfriend, Jenifer and Jeremy.

“Watch where you’re going,” she says to me and walks into the house.

“Sorry about Jen,” say Jeremy, “We got stuck in traffic on our way back from the airport.”

“It’s ok. I hope you had a great trip with her,” I say and walk past him.

I notice that Tyler isn’t behind me and turn around. Him and Jeremy are talking and every so often they look over at me. Now what could they be talking about, I think to myself.

“Tyler, come on, the movie is going to start before we get there if we don’t hurry,” I say to him.

He says bye to Jeremy and we start walking for the mall. Once we get there, we buy our tickets and head for the right theatre. The movie is just starting as we sit down. The movie is actually pretty funny. By the end of it, I hadn’t noticed that Tyler had his arm around me and that I was leaning into him. I stand up and head for the door. The whole way home we talk about the movie. Every so often I would yawn. We get home and I start to get stuff for Tyler while he goes to wait for me in my room. I put a few blankets and a pillow on the couch and then look in my room. I see Tyler asleep on my bed. I sigh and go into my room. I log into my laptop and notice a screen popped up that I didn’t leave up. It reads:


Kayla, I can never thank you enough. You have changed my life. Even when I leave you, you will always be in my heart. Even though I have only known you for a day, I have never loved a girl as much as I love you. I wish I could tell you in person but I am a shy person. I love you Kayla.



I stare at the page and then look at the sleeping Tyler. Wow. He loves me just after a day. But the thing is, I think I love him too. I yawn and look at the time. 3 in the morning. I log off my computer and lie down beside Tyler. I fall asleep with my head on his shoulder.




I wake up the next morning, still lying beside Tyler. The only difference was that he was now holding me. I quietly sit up and go into the kitchen without waking him up. I start to make breakfast. I make eggs, toast, and pancakes. Once I’m about to take the eggs off the stove, Tyler comes up, rubbing his eyes.

I laugh to myself and look over at him.

“Good morning sleepy,” I say to him.

“Hey. You’re up early,” he says, looking at the clock.

“Ya I know. I don’t know why though,” I say and go back to the eggs.

Tyler comes over to me and puts his hands on my waist and his chin on my shoulder.

“Smells great,” he says.

“Thanks. Help yourself,” I say putting the last of the eggs on a plate.

He grabs a plate and goes over to the table. When I finish cleaning up I also go over to the table and sit beside Tyler.

“What did you have planned for the weekend,” I ask him.

“I was going to go and visit my dad this weekend but I don’t know if I want to now,” he says, glancing at me.

“Well if you do go, would you mind if I join,” I ask him.

“No of course not. I would love for you to come with me,” he says and finishes his breakfast.

He stays sitting at the table while I finish my breakfast. Then we go into the living room and watch some T.V. A few hours later he calls his dad and we head up to his house. We stay there for the night and we leave the next morning. When we get home, I call up Cassie and Trevor to see if they want to hang with us. They come over and we just chill, watching movies. Tyler doesn’t say anything to them like always but he stays close to me. We all fall asleep that night on the floor. We wake up in the morning and hurry to get ready for school.

“Mom. I need you to give us a ride to school,” I say from my room while I try to find Cassie something to wear.

“Ok. What are the boys going to wear,” asks my mom from my door.

“I have some of Brent’s old clothes from when before he moved out. They can wear them,” I say and find something for me.

“Ok. Will it fit them,” she asks.

“Hopefully, but right now, fitting isn’t what matters,” I say and run for the phone.

I dial the phone and tell Diane that we may be a bit late today so everyone shouldn’t wait for us to show up. I hang up the phone and run full force into Tyler.

“Oh. I’m so sorry Tyler,” I say and run past him.

He starts laughing.

“Shouldn’t you put on a shirt and pants,” he says, still laughing.

I look down and notice I’m in my bra and underwear.

“Not now. I need to get you guys some clothes,” I say and run for Brent’s old room.

I search the shelves and find some clothes for the guys. I give it to them and tell them to change in Brent’s room while me and Cassie get changed in my room. I go in my room and shut the door. Like always I forgot that there is a door connecting me and Brent’s room. The guys come is as me and Cassie are standing in our underwear. We scream at them to get out then I lock the door.

“Kayla you need to learn to control your boys,” says Cassie laughing.

“Hey they’re your boys too,” I say and throw a bundle of socks at her.

“Well, one of them is,” says Cassie, throwing the socks back at me.

We finish getting changed and head for the car. The guys are already in the car, waiting for us. We hop in the car and my mom drives us to school. We get to school just as 1st period starts. We all run for our classes, Trevor and Tyler Gym and me and Cassie English. We rush through the hall ways and to our class on the third floor. When we get there, everyone looks up at us. Our teacher sends us out to wait in the hall until she comes out to talk to us.

“Why are you late for class,” asks our teacher once she shuts the door.

“We slept in after we were working on a project all night,” says Cassie, thinking from the top of her head.

The teacher considers this for a moment then lets us in. We sit in seats at the back of the room so we can talk.

“I can’t thank you enough for saving us from detention there Cassie,” I say, giving her a hug.

“It’s ok Kayla. You would have done the same if I blanked,” she says, hugging me back.

We listen to the rest of the class then when the bell rings, head for the lockers. Everyone is already there.

“Hey guys,” says Quinn from inside his locker.

“Hey Quinn,” I say, laughing.

“I heard you guys, Trevor and Tyler were late coming to school today,” says Diane.

“Ya, we were. We slept over at Kayla’s last night and we woke up late,” says Trevor, shutting his locker.

“Oh, well at least try to be on time some times, we don’t need you guys getting detention,” says Skipper.

“Ok, ok. We’ll try,” I say, winking at Tyler who winks back.

The bell rings.

“Ok see you guys at lunch I guess,” says Isabella.

“Ok, bye,” I say and head off to art with Tyler, Trevor and Sam.

During art, I sit beside Tyler and we talk about hanging after school.

“So, where do you want me to meet you,” asks Tyler.

“I guess at our locker but I might be late cause I have to talk to Mr. Phillip about an extention on my math project,” I say.

“Another one,” asks Trevor, “That’s your 3rd one this month, on the same project.”

“I know. I’ll finish it eventually,” I say, going back to my art.

“Why don’t you let me help you,” asks Tyler.

“Really? That would be great,” I say and give him a hug.

“Awe that’s so cute, Tyler and Kayla going on a study date,” says Sam.

I laugh and smack her in the side of the head. She reply’s with a smile.

“So, we will meet at our locker and then my mom can give us a ride to my place and we can work on the project there,” I say to Tyler.

“Sounds great,” he says.

The bell rings and we head off to lunch. Me and Tyler got to my house for lunch. I guess we miss 3rd period because once we get there, everyone is just coming out of their classrooms. We just got to Math and pretend like it didn’t happen. That doesn’t work though.

Could Kayla Scott and Tyler Vincint please come to the principals office,” says the PA system.

Me and Tyler walk to the office, where we are issued lunch detention for the next week. We got back to math class and sit down near Trevor.

“Why weren’t you guys in Drama today? I had to do our presentation by myself,” he says, clearly frustrated.

“We’re sorry Trevor. It took us a while to walk to school from my place,” I say.

“Ok well please don’t make me do that again. I had to sing your part in our presentation and you know I can’t sing,” says Trevor.

The bell rings and everyone heads home. Me and Tyler wait at the school from my mom to pick us up.

“Sorry for getting you detention,” I say to Tyler, not wanting to meet his eyes.

“It’s ok Kay. If were to have been anyone else, I would be really mad, but since it’s you, I’m not mad in the least,” he says and kisses my head. I lean on him and we just sit there for what seems like hours. After a while, I look at my watch and notice it has been hours. My mom is 4 hours late picking us up from school. I sit up and reach for my phone. I call my house but my mom doesn’t pick up. I call her cell but the same thing happens.

“What’s wrong,” asks Tyler, after he see’s my worried expretion.

“My mom isn’t answering her phone and she’s really late. This isn’t like her,” I say, starting to cry.

“It’s ok Kayla. Let me see your phone,” he says and calls a number. 5 minutes later, a car shows up.

“Who is that,” I ask.

“One of my cousins who lives in town,” he says and leads me to the car.

We get in and in no time we are at my place. My mom’s car is still in the drive way.

“That’s strange,” says Tyler and get’s out of the car.

He walks up to the door and opens the unlocked door. He goes inside and I wait in the car. 5 minutes later he is coming out of the house, white faced and carrying a bag.

“We’re going to my place,” he says and shuts the car door.

“Why aren’t we staying here? Tyler, what’s wrong,” I ask him, starting to worry.

“Nothing. Everything is just fine,” he says and kisses my head.

Something is not right, I think. Why isn’t he telling me what’s wrong?

I get out of the car and run for the door. Before Tyler can reach me, I am inside the house. I start to search the house. Once I reach my room, I stop. On my floor is my mother. She has blood coming out from wounds all over her body and from her mouth. My dog is also there, covered in blood but still alive. She was probably trying to protect my mother. I drop to the floor and scream. Tyler is behind me, pain in his eyes. He picks me up and tries to take me away. I manage to get out of his grasp and run over to where my mom lays. I kneel down beside her and give her a hug, the smell of blood filling my nose. My dog gets up from laying beside my mom and limps over to me. I reach over and give her a hug also. This time when Tyler picks me up, I let him, making sure Muffin, my dog, follows us. We reach the car and I still haven’t stopped crying yet. He sits with me in the back seat while Muffin sits in the front. Tyler, the whole way to his place, whispers to me saying that everything will be all right and that it’s ok to cry. Once we reach his house, he picks me up and brings me to his room. His cousin carries Muffin in and my bag. Tyler lays me on the bed but I don’t let go of him. Me and him sit on the bed, him giving me hugs and kisses on my head the whole time. When I finally let go of him, he goes to the kitchen to make me some tea. I pick up Muffin and wrap my arms around her. She smells of blood, some hers some my mother’s but I don’t care. Tyler comes back in sometime later with a cup of steaming tea. I sit up and drink the tea, Tyler with his arm around me the whole time. I pick up a bowl that is lying on the floor and put some of the tea in it for Muffin who drinks it up greedily.

“Are you feeling better,” asks Tyler.

“Ya. Could you please get the phone? I need to call my dad,” I say to him.

“Here, let me do it,” he says and dials a number. He talks to my father for a while, who I can hear crying on the other line, then hangs up.

“What about my math project,” I ask.

“Don’t worry about it. Just lay down and get some sleep,” he says and takes my cup.

I lay down on his bed and fall asleep.

The End

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