misguidade youth

Inner thoughts of what is wrong in the world.
Sometimes the burden is eased as the printed words makes its way out of this dungeon i call heart...

A million books to read and not one seldom desire to turn a page.

A most needed question, a place to lay low,in absent minds,soon you are forgoten,and your actions acount for nothing.

So, welcome darkness .

A drink to all who have the capacity to blend in,with no effort,a misguided gift that i do not  have.

To walk amoung the ones you know daily without inter-acting requires the subtle capacity to do nothing,or to despise them all.

You decide which it is in this particular case.

A mixture of colours and smells that atract my eye,in my path to nowhere,i am always drawn to the cemetry on my way to work,so much silence,in a culture that surronds itself in noice 24/7,it is a bliss.

Periods of wanting not any contact with humans,this is one of those days,everything seems so void of importance.

I understand the need that alcoholics have to look for a substance to numb them,the need to shut the inner voices,no i dont hear voices,i dont relate to anything that is around me.

I finaly got hold of a copy of the last book of the series of the darkhunters,by Serrilyn kenyon.


For the fans,and those who have not read do,its a briliant book,she captivades.

Read it.

The End

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