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As I walked beside the lonely trees, I slowly thought up something on the subject of friendship. It steadily turned into a rant of religious proportions. I didn't mind the challenge. I welcomed it. I needed this. To continue to think. Else I would lose my sanity, and quickly, at that. This lecture stemmed from my hurt over having a dear friend in not so many words, end our friendship. So it was easily something I had strong opinions on. This was it:

Are you a good friend? Do you listen when someone needs an ear? Do you feel compassion towards those that are in pain? Do you wake up everyday feeling as if you are with purpose, intent on helping someone? Do you feel joy when you make someone feel better, taking away their sadness, and giving them a reason to smile? Has anyone ever shown you that exact same kindness? Do you know how easily trust can be severed? Have you lost a friend's trust? Have you broken that same trust? Have you ever lost a friend? Have you seen what losing a friend can do to someone's heart, someone's spirit?

Friendship is a rare and special thing. Sometimes people pretend to be your friend, but when they learn your worst secrets, they start avoiding you. Perhaps their view of you has changed. They don't see you the way they once did. Maybe they don't want to be your friend any longer. Perhaps some people are dishonest, using others around them, so that their ends are justified by your means. No matter what happens throughout a friendship, whether it ends, restarts, or is decimated by another's influence, it is always a tragedy to lose a friend.

Not because of tragic matters such as death, but I am speaking of when the friendship is over. Not to say that a death of a friend is any less difficult. They both are. Death certainly more so, but the point I am trying to make is that when friendship ends, it is a very sad matter indeed. Sometimes it's the end for good, while they are either alive or passed on.

Sometimes there's nothing you can do, but let go of that hope that they want you to be a part of their life again, because it's truly over. Sometimes it is meant to end; if they no longer wish to be your friend, and nothing you can say can convince them to continue to be in your life, at that point, it is healthy to accept that which was is now over. They've helped you all they can.

Keep the memories of them inside your heart, but try your best to believe that there will be other friends. And if you can find one, just one, that you are friends with for the duration of your life, then count yourself exceptionally blessed.

Time goes on and ever on. You can not slow it down, stop it, changed it's movement, reverse it, or alter it in any way. It goes on no matter what decisions we make. We are but a very small piece of a very big universe. All you can do is make the most of the time you are given. Do not waste that precious time by worrying over those things you have absolutely no control over. Just as you have free will, so does every other living being, creature, or person.

Maybe you've been on the giving end...maybe you ended a friendship. How do you think that person feels? Do you think they miss you? Allow me to answer from personal experience. I guarantee they miss you, even think of you frequently. Yes, it's pure agony without you in their lives, because they thought you would always be a part of it. But they are okay.

Life is not a permanent thing. Unless you have faith in Jesus Christ, and you believe that God sent Him to die for the world's sin, so that we may have life more abundantly, only then you are free from the Second Death that is the fate of many. The Bible says that the way of the righteous is a narrow path, but broad is the way that leads to destruction. You must not only believe in the ways that Jesus preached of, you must live your life according to the Word of God. Life is meaningless without Them in it. Learn while you can, how precious life is! Do not let it pass you by, then one day wake up with a long list of regrets. Live life the way you are meant to. No one said it's going to be instant, or easy. It does take trying, learning, sometimes failing, to get to a point where you are doing everything you should be doing, and not just what you want to do. Be who God designed you to be. Don't fear death. It comes anyway. You can't stop it either, just like time. So live! Just live! Death is neutral, and it takes all. Death does not stop, it cannot be avoided. We are all born. We live. And at some point, we all will die. So, that's why we need to live each moment as if we don't expect even our next breath! It's not guaranteed. Do not delude yourself into thinking you will get other chances at life. This is it! You only get one. Don't waste it. This is the end of my second lecture.

By the time I was done thinking this one, my eyes seemed to be filled with hope. God was giving me strength, as He so often did in my life. I was thankful for His presence, always. I had been through much, but I knew that this wasn't the end. I was meant for more, for greater things. Happier times were ahead of me, if only I could withstand this. I knew that with God watching over me, I would get through this. I knew it with every fiber of my body and soul. With that assurance, I began to walk, in one of the directions I'd walked before, knowing I'd find my way to where I needed to be!

The End

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