Midnight Madness

A story about a betrayal amoung the closest of ties...

"What is the report?" A male wolf had demaded. He had the bold voice of an alpha male. The alpha male of a wonderful pack that was said to be the purest in heart.

"We spotted another pack moving about days distance away." Said a female with a smooth and sly voice. One that would belong to one that you would think could not be real. This was the most beautiful voice of them all. (A days distance away would be from sunrise to noon.)

"Wonderful, you must take three others with you Opalla." The same alpha had said. Opalla? How could see be part of this? No one would ever have imagined that someone that seemed so sweet could be part of this... this... "Kill them all. Take some pups and steal away with some of the stronger wolves. We could use them in this pack, soon the whole of these woods will be ours!"  There were many cries. This could not have been more than half the pack. No, it was less than half. Why would the Pack of the Vrai (true) have wolves such as these within it?

Not wanting to hear any more,  Nuit headed back to one part of the packs main campground where his greatest friend Shadow's den was kept. He walked in. "Shadow, we must talk." After many tries Shadow awoke.

"What do you want? I bet its not even the middle of the night-" He was about to get angry but saw the sorrow in his best friends eyes and said, "Brother," this was the way two very good male wolves would refer to each other, "What is bothering you, I am ready to listen to what ever it is you have to say."

"I was just getting back from the hunt, you know how there are some of us that aren't afraid of night hunting," he glanced out of the den to a very whimpy wolf's den, "and was putting a bit of prey on the pile when I heard the alpha and some of the wolves from the pack in there."

"So? I don't see what's got your tail in such a knot, the Alpha has meetings in the big cave of his all the time."

"But you don't get it! They were talking about the pack the is the day's distance away. They want to kill them. I-I'm sorry but Opalla was in there too." Opalla was very close with Shadow. In fact, they were mates. She had not yet birthed her pups, but they would be there in about 2 moon cycles.

Nuit could see tears forming in his best friends eyes, "Brother, I am so sorry, they are still there, you must hear it. Maybe you will find some answers." Still not talking, Shadow followed Nuit to the overly large alpha cave and they hid in the large bush by the mouth where they could stay and not be found unless another wolf put their whole body in the bush as well.

"I will take three wolves with me. The four of us will go together and stay for 3 days. We are going to stake out the place and see how far they are planning to stretch their territory. Then, we come back and make some excuse to make the whole pack attack them!" That was Opalla. Shadow sunk down. All he ever loved and cared for was one of the worst people out there.

"I can't believe this... I just can't-" Without another word he bolted out of the bush and left the camp. I can tell that this is not going to go to smoothly... thought Nuit

The End

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