Scene 14

(Merlieen has followed Morgano to the ruin where Mordrid is waiting for her, Merlieen hides behind wall)

Mordrid: Morgano, what happened?

Morg: It was Merlieen! She stopped the girl I enchanted to kill Arthur!

Mord: Don't worry, we can try again when the time is right

Morg: But Merlieen will get in the way again, she always does!

Mord: Then we must stop her. Is the bracelet safe?

Morg: yes, it's working perfectly! And even if someone finds it, as soon as they touch it they will forget it and leave my chambers.

Mord: Anyone who touches it?

Morg: Yes anyone.

Mord: Even someone with magic?

Morg: Well yes, I mean it doesn't work when I touch it as I cast the spell.

Mord: What about anyone else who has magic?

Morg: Nobody else in Camelot has magic do they? (Merlieen looks worried and mouths "No" as she has a flash back from the last time they met)

Mord: Emrys has magic. (Merlieen looks devasted that morgano now knows her secret)

Morg: Emrys? Who's Emrys?

Mord: Emrys is what Merlieen is known as amoungst my people.

Morg: Merlieen has magic? That's how she's been saving Arthur's life all these years!

Mord: You must get Merlieen caught for using magic! Uther will then have her sentenced to death, and she will no longer stand between you and killing Arthur!

(Morg gives evil smile and Merlieen looks very scared and worried)


The End

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