Scene 13 continued

(M has just saved A's life by pushing woman when she tried to shoot an arrow at A and it ends up just missing A)

U: GUARDS! Seize her! (guards restrain woman)

A: (runs over to M) Merlieen! You saved my life!

(camera goes to M's eyes as she hears a voice in her head)

Voice: The plan has failed Morgano, come to the ruin immediatly. We have much to discuss.

Morgano's voice: I'm on my way Mordrid. (M's eyes open in shock and sees Morgano leave)

A: Merlieen! have you heard anything I just said?

M: (in a weird faint voice) What?

A: Are you alright?

M: No, Sorry I have to go. (Leaves through same door Morgano left out of as A looks after her in a confused way but then shrugs her shoulders and turns back to U)

U: This woman attempted to kill Arthur, she must be executed!

G: I wouldn't be so quick with your judgement my lady.

U: And why is that?

G: If I am not mistaken, this girl is not all that she seems.

U: what are you talking about Gaius?

G: It's Gale my lady. And if my diagnosis is correct, this girl seems to be enchanted.

U: Enchanted?

G: Yes, she seems very scared and confused, and doesn't seem to remember what has just happened.

U: what does this mean?

G: It means that we have a traitor in our midst who wanted someone else to get caught in there place.

U: I want guards to stay outside Arthur's chambers at all times! Nobody is to enter without a guard to escort them in. I will not let this traitor harm Arthur!


The End

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