Scene 12

(Gaius and merlin go to morgana's room together)

G: Right merlieen, go and check it out and i'll keep watch.

M: Ok (goes in and finds the bracelet, puts it down and walks out.

G: So what did you find?

M: What do you mean? I haven't gone in yet!

G: Merlieen! You just went in!

M: No I didn't!

G: Whatever is in there must have some very powerful magic to make you forget it so quickly!

M: I don't understand!

G: Go and have a look!

(M goes in while G watches what he does from the door, M does the same as he did before)

G: It's that braclet!

M: What braclet? I haven't been in yet Gaius!

G: My name is Gale! merlieen watch me!

(G goes in and does what M did while M watches)

M: You're right it is that braclet!

G: Oh I've already showed you have I?

M: That must be how Morgano is keeping such a powerful spell going!

G: What are we going to do?

M: I don't know...we have to destroy it somehow but as soon as you touch it, it makes you leave the room and forget you'd been in there!

(Arthur calls for M off camera)

A: MERLIEEN! I need you to wash my dress!!!

(M looks annoyed)

G: Go to Arthur! I'll try to figure something out.

(M runs off. G gives a sincere look and sighs as ifit is hopeless and actually has no idea how they're going to do it)


The End

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