Scene 9

(In Gaius' rooms. Merlin is sat at the table talking with him and Gwen)

M: But we have to do something! We can't just wait around for Morgano to make a move.

Gw: I know you think he's up to something but I don't think he is ok? Why are you so prejudiced?

M: Because I just know that all this has something to do with him.

Gw: How?

M: I... just do...

Gw: Well I remain unconvinced. I need to go sort things out for this pagent anyway. I have to actually do heavy lifting. This is so unfair

(Exit Gwen/Gary)

M: You believe me don't you Gaius?

G: Well I suppose I have to don't I Merlin? I suppose the dragon told you that Morgano is behind it?

M: yes

G: Well then. We must stop her.

M: Him.

G: Whatever.


The End

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