Scene 8

(In the courtyard. Knights are arriving (probably multiroled here... :P ) dressed as women etc. Arthur is greeting them with Merlin handing them a booklet with list of events)

A: Oh Sir Gloucester of Gloucester! So good to see you again! Sir Norfolk of Norfolk! How's the leg? Good? Good!

M: Should you really be calling them Sir?

A: Well they've been knighted so yeah...

M: But they're women...

A: Oh look who's clever now! Oh Sir Colchester of Colchester! So glad you could come!

M: How do you know who they all are?

A: I don't. I'm guessing but they wouldn't mind anyway! I'm the son of the king remember?

M: *mutters* Daughter of the Queen.

A: Shut up Merlin.


The End

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