Scene 7

(Morgana's chambers. Gary is tidying things)

G: Zip a dee doo da! Zip a dee day! My oh my what a wonderful day-

M: That's a bit of a feminine song Gary.

G: well I'm used to being a woman Morgana.

M: It's Morgano now Gary. And please stop fiddling with that! It's fine messy!

(G looks hurt and so M does an evil look behind her back)

G: Do you have any chores for me then Morgano?

M: No that will be all Gary. Thank you.

(G goes to leave but turns back after having a thought)

G: I'm curious Morgano, why you aren't totally thrown and confused by this whole situation.

M: What situation?

G: The one where we're men and the men are women.

M: Oh well... I see no point in making a fuss about it.

(Evil look)

G: Oh that makes sense! and you know- (M looks fed up that G not leaving) your new name sounds very italian.

M: Oh does it?

G: Yes. and it's very confusing to me that you have an Italian sounding name but don't speak in an italian voice. In the same way you had to speak different to everyone else when you were a woman even though Merlin was actually Irish and managed to speak with the same accent as everyone else.

M: ... Fine! I will-a talk-a like this-a.

G: Cool! (Smiles and walks out)

(evil look and strokes amulet or bracelet or some magical thing not yet deciede on)


The End

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