Scene 5

(In the main hall, Queen Uther is standing at the front, with Arthur to her right. Merlin arrives and walks over to stand next to Arthur)

A: (looking at M with strange expression)

M: What?

A: What's with your shirt?

M: What?!

A: What's with it?

M: Nothing! I just shrunk it.

A: How?....Why?

M: I thought I'd make it a bit more feminin!

A: Right but how?

M: with magic.


M: Magic....con....It's a er, new herb which shrinks clothes when you wash make them fit better...


Uther: Right I have called the council to order for a very sensitive, and strange you must have noticed by now...everyone's genders have changed...

(camera goes to Morgana who has a very evil look on his face)

Uther: A tornament was due to start today... which is still going to happen-

A: yes!!! (brings out sword but nearly falls over due to the weight)

U: not a fighting tornemant Arthur! (A looks dissappointed) A beauty tornament!!!

A: What???

U: yes the tornament will consist of a fashion show, dance competition, and singing competition! (A look shocked)

U: The tornament will begin tomorrow, oh and, I've decided to let the servants who're now female to also compete! (A looks at M who's even more shocked)

(everyone leaves apart from U, A + M)

U: Arthur! I have organised a pamper day for you and your servant, before the tornament.

A: A pamper day? with Merlin?

M: Merlieen! (A pushes M)

U: yes arthur, a pamper day! I want you to look beautiful for the contest! (Hands A a flyer for "Appy Fish" and a video camera)

A: Whats's this?

U: It's a place where you go and get your feet nibbled by fish! It's supposed to be very relaxing, and the camera is for making a video about your day.

A: Why?

U: So that I can see the fun you got up to! (giggles, fixes hair and leaves)

A: this gender thing is starting to get really weird!


The End

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