Scene 4

(Arthur's rooms. Arthur is cutting up clothes and re-sewing them so they look more feminine. There are dresses on his bed. Enter Merlin, depressive)

Merlin: Where did you get all that?

Arthur: (gestures) this lot I made myself, that lot is from Gwen's rooms.

Merlin: You mean Gary?

Arthur: Yes Gary! I mean I'm hardly going to dress like a man am I?

Merlin: Well I'm staying in these clothes.

Arthur: Yes but you're poor!

Merlin: Did you buy those dresses Arhur?

Arthur: No...

Merlin: (under his breath) Dippy idiot...

Arthur: What was that Merlin?

Merlin: Oh nothing!

Arthur: Now I have a tournament later so shine my armour.

Merlin: You're seriously going to compete in a tournament when there are far bigger things to worry about?!

Arthur: I have never dropped out of a tournament in my life Merlin-

Merlin: -Merleen

Arthur: (evil glare) -And I don't intend starting now!

Merlin: But can you even lift your sword?

Arthur: Of course I can! I'm as strong as a hundred horses!

Merlin: Ok then. It's right there.

Arthur: (goes to pick up sword confidently. Finds it to be very heavy) Good Lord! (frops it on floor) My sword has got heavier!

Merlin: Actually I think your transformation into a woman has caused your muscles to weaken.

Arthur: Oh god. I'm going to lose the tournament. I've never lost in my life. (starts to cry) I will be humiliated in front of the whole kingdom! Everyone will laugh at me. And I've worked so hard to be popular! Do you know how hard it is to get everyone to like you? I have worked so hard for it and now everyone will change their minds and dislike me!

Merlin: Not everyone will change their minds.

Arthur: What?

Merlin: I never liked you to begin with.

Arthur: Well you know what Merleen, I never liked you either! so there! (slumps back down and cries into a pillow dramatically)

Merlin: Arthur, you can't lie around here crying! The kingdom may be in danger!

Arthur: well there's nothing I can do is there? I can't even pick up a sword!

Merlin: But your Father- Mother may need protecting Arthur. And besides, even though you can't pick up a sword doesn't mean no-one in camelot can!

Arthur: (look of revelation)


The End

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