Scene 3

(in the middle of a field)

M: (calls for dragon with dragonlord call) O drakon! E male so ftengometta teds'hup annankes!!! 

(dragon (now female) arrives)

M: not you too!

D: I'm afraid so Merlin, but it is not just Camelot, Morgana has cast this on the whole world.

M: Morgana?

D: Yes merlin, it was her who performed the enchantement

M: But she is not powerful enough to perform a spell on the whole world!

D: She had some help.

M: Who?

D: You have made many enemies Merlin.

M: Yes but who would help Morgana become Queen...King!?

D: I cannot tell you Merlin, for I know as well as you do.

M: In other words you have no idea!

D: You are a Dragonlord...lady now merlin, we are connected, I know of the old religon, that is the only thing that makes us different, otherwise, I know as much as you do.

M: Great....

D:  Think about the ememies you have made merlin. Think about what they said to you the last time you saw them. That will give you the answer.

M: Well in the old religon, isn't there a way to break the spell?

D: This spell is extremely powerful Merlin. Only time will tell the answer.

M: Why can you never give me a straight answer!?!

D: I'm sorry I cannot be more useful to you merlin, but there are some things which you need to work out for yourself. (flies away)


The End

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