Scene 2

(Merlin bursts into Arthur's room, all you can see is a bit of Arthur's head out the top of the covers, he's facing away from the camera)

M:.....Arthur? (no answer) (a bit louder) Arthur?

Arthur: hmmm

M: Arthur?

A: mmmm


(Arthur falls out of bed in shock landing with all the covers on him, hiding him from view)

A: Ouch!

M: Arthur are you ok?

A: No I am not ok Merlin! (struggles under covers)

M: Look Arthur something happened in the night and...

A: Merlin!

M: What?

A: A little help would be nice!

M: Oh sure! Sorry! (lifts covers to reveal Arthur as a woman, Merlin covers his mouth)

A: Merlin how did you grow your hair overnight?

M: Umm...a lot more has happened overnight other than my hair Arthur...

A: (rubbing eyes) Merlin what are you talking about?

M: I'm a woman

A: Haha! Well it was a bit obvious, considering you fight like one!

M: That's not the point! Anyway! The thing is're a woman too...

A: (jumps up) HOW DARE YOU!!! (almost falls forward onto Merlin) What? What's all this extra weight on my chest? (looks down at his chest and sees his boobs) ......No way....

M:'s sort of happened to me and Gaius as well....

(Gwen bursts into the room as a man)

Gwen: ARTHUR??? (looks at Merlin and Arthur in shock as they do to her)

Gwen: Oh my God! Not you too!

A: apparently so...

Gwen: I came to tell you that me and Morgana have turned into men....but it looks like everyone's genders have changed.... (looks at Arthur's boobs, so does Arthur)

M: wait...if Morgana's a man then she's Uther's son....

A: Yes she is...

M: Yes...which means she's a prince

A: yes...where are you going with this Merlin?

M: Morgana is the son of the King....Queen!


M: Don't you get it?

A: Get what?

M: How thick are you?

A: Merlin! Don't you have any respect!

M: Arthur, Morgana is a man!

A: I know!

M: And who takes the throne after the King?....Queen!?

A: Me, the prince!

M: yes but Arthur you're not a prince! you're a .....princess! Morgana is the prince! If Uther dies...

Gwen: Morgana is next in line to the throne...

M: Exactly Gwen....wait you can't be called Gwen anymore...

Gwen: Why on earth not?

M: Well you're a man! Gwen is a girls name!

Gwen: Well what shall I be called then?

M: I don't know...I could be....Merleen!

A: Merleen?

M: Yes, what's wrong with that?

A: (smirking) Nothing....

Gwen: I know, I'll be Gary!

M+A: Gary???

Gwen: Yes! And Arthur what will you be?

A: I think I'm just going to stick with Arthur?

M: really?

A: yes! Got a problem with that Merleeeeeen???

M: No...not at all...(smirking) Princess Arthur!


The End

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