Morgana is at her tricks again, and performs an extremely powerful spell, switching the genders of everyone in Camelot, it is too powerful for Merlin to break, and now Morgana is a prince and the rightful heir to the throne before Arthur, Merlin has to solve the dragon's riddle before Morgana kills the Queen and becomes King of Camelot!

(Merlin wakes up with the camera just on his face, hear Gaius come into wake him urgently)

Gaius: Merlin! Merlin! Wake up!

Merlin: (sleepily) What? I'm awake! What is it?

G: ....Well, something must've happened in the night....and-

M: What is it?

G: I'm a woman....

M: haha! Don't be ridiculous Gaius, it's probably just one of you're weird dreams!

G:'s not just me're a woman too....

(Merlin suddenly opens his eyes and camera shows all of Merlin as he jumps out of bed)

M: WHAT?!?!?!?! (looks at self in shock) Oh my-...Oh my God I'm a woman!....Gaius we're women!!!

G: Yes Merlin I noticed!

M: Oh my God....(look of realisation and worry) it just us?

G: I don't know Merlin....

M: (muttering as he runs out the door) Arthur!


The End

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