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Grandpa spoke about working on "the Dam".  I have to figure out when that was, but I know it was prior to 1965, which was when they moved to the family farm.  While working on the Dam, Grandpa would operate a Wheelbarrow filled with heavy stuff (can't remember if it was stones or cement).  He would speak about how it was a complete mudpit, and they would run the wheelbarrows along narrow boards that formed the wheelbarrow runways of the construction site, and goodness help you if your wheel slipped off of the runway because it would tip then and or stick for sure.  It definitely made his arms and shoulders strong, running wheelbarrows with hundreds of pounds in them on these plank walkways

Grandpa worked for a place called Morris Rodweeder (sp?) for a long time judging from the amount of times he mentioned it.  He was a welder, and I believe that was the kind of work he performed for them.  

I'm not sure if it was at Morris Rodweeder, but at one of the places where Grandpa worked there was a union coming in, and Grandpa was one of three people opposed to it.  He spoke of threats against his life and those of the two other men who opposed it.  He seemed proud of the fact that he stood up to such violent opposition because he didn't believe in it.  Apparently the company had to step in to protect the three of them, by acknowledging the threats and warning the workers against it.  He was never hurt, apparently, but it wasn't a very nice place to work for him after the union got in.  

He had a finger that got caught in a wheel rim somehow.  It was his pinky, and the thing couldn't really bend except at the knuckle.  It was curved and a little twisted from that.  Apparently it was crushed by the weight of a vehicle or something.  I wish I could remember better, or had a recording of the one time he told me all about it and all the different things that various people said.

He almost got carbon Monoxide poisoning once, though he had the presence of mind to open the door of the shop he was working at before succumbing to the fumes.  Apparently it was a near thing.

He spoke of one truck that he had to drive, not sure where he was working, but the clutch was a real problem on it, so he spoke about how hard it was to change gears, but that he eventually was one of the only people who could drive the thing.

He spoke being in a work camp, and they had roommates.  One time in the middle of the night some of the roommates came crashing back into the room after a night of "carousing" and they had some women in tow with them, and one of them got into his bed and was touching him and he had to fend her off and then kick the lot of them out.  He got kinda mad as he was remembering, and it was a story I only heard ones after a few beers.

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