Two Lessons

Middle School is certainly the time in which we begin to become our own selves.

Aside from hating getting changed in the locker room for gym class, middle school wasn’t all that bad. (I was a late bloomer, you see and all the girls used to tease me). I remember two things that absolutely made a difference in my life. One: The placement test I took for Math. Two: Choosing Industrial Arts over Home Economics in eighth grade.

I actually don’t remember when I took the math placement test, but I have save that slip of paper with my results and placement recommendation on it. That slip of paper got me out of lower level math. The level of math where I had cheated (off myself, mind you) to complete the timed tables tests that were timed. My mind just seems to balk at memorization. Ask me 12 times 12 and I’d rather go through the mechanics than blurt out 144. That method is not so great when it comes to arithmetic and times tests; however put me in Algebra where you’re solving for things and Wee, I’m  having fun. Yes I said math and fun in the same sentence. *grin* So thank you placement test for allowing me to move out of arithmetic and into algebra 1/2  and onto Algebra and Geometry and Calculus (and getting a college credit in my senior year of high school to boot).

Then there was Industrial Arts in eighth grade. I picked it over Home Ec. Because I already knew how to sew, my mom was teaching me how to cook and learning how to care for a baby wasn’t something I’d need in the near future. So Industrial Arts it was and you know what, I was the only girl in the class. I am especially giggly when I think back on how the teacher once used my project for a demonstration. He only did a minor part, but when it came out better than the others the boys all claimed it was because the teacher had helped me. I asked the teacher not to use any of my projects for demonstrations after that. You know what? *giggle* They were still better than the boys. Even when we did Industrial Design my house plan was much more realistic than theirs. Well okay I did have a two story greenhouse that was bigger than the house it was attached to, but a bowling alley and pool in the basement? I don’t know. So thank you Industrial Arts for teaching me (even if it took a while to sink in) that I can be good at anything I put my mind to.

The End

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