Another type of Lesson

Of course middle school wasn't so great for some people, take my friend Wyatt. Wyatt wasn't the sharpest crayon in the box to start with, and his propensity for ditching school was awesome. In eighth grade he ditched school 22 days, but he always brought in a written excuse from his parents. Or so it seemed. Wyatt did have one unique talent, he could forge signatures. You give him a signature of someone and after practicing for a half hour or less he could write that signature so well that everyone would believe it was original. 

His downfall was his buddies. Two of his buddies were in printing class, and during one class they were printing failure notices. These buddies decided that it would be funny to send a failure notice to Wyatt's parents, claiming that Wyatt was failing due to irregular attendance. They invented a teacher, and misspelled the school's name and class. Wyatt's parents, however, overlooked these lapses, and called the school to ask how many time Wyatt had been absent.

They were astounded at the report they received, and accepted the schools offer to come in and check the excuses. Wyatt, and his father went though the excuses one by one. There were only 4 excuses that his dad put in the good pile. This pleased Wyatt a tiny bit, because one of the good ones was actually a forgery of Wyatt's dad's signature.

Wyatt got detention, and extra homework, but somehow managed not to fail any classes.

The End

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