Memories of Middle School

Many people think of middle school as a time that brings out the worst in everyone.
Well, I understand what they’re saying.
I mean, yeah, it’s a tough age for kids.
But do you know what?
My middle school years were awesome, and they brought out the best in me.
I discovered strengths and talents that I had known of previously, but they were unleashed in new and wonderful ways.
7th grade was an especially awesome year.
I learned spectacular lessons and had several amazing teachers who impacted my life in ways I never thought possible. I discovered what life could be.
Sure, there were some rough times, but I made it through them. There was always someone to help along the way.
Despite the trials and tribulations in middle school, we should be thankful for these years.

If we don’t let them knock us down, then they will build us up.
With God’s love, anything is possible. With His guidance, we can weather any storm, and even realize that it wasn’t a storm after all.
Just a hidden rainbow.

The End

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