Sister in Heaven

We all left the water, and began searching for her. We checked everywhere, the bathrooms, cars, tents. No one could find her. I felt terrible, blaming myself. I knew that if I had played with her when she asked me to, she wouldn't be missing. We would have been together, and we would have been ok. 

After probably ten minutes, my aunt saw something in the water, out in the distance. It was pink, like Sammy's swimsuit.

They wouldn't let us watch her go out and get her body, making us stay back at the camp while the adults gathered around her. A man knew CPR and was trying to revive her. Eventually she was either driven to a hospital or a helicopter flew in and got her. I don't know those details. All I could think about was how she was gone, and I didn't know when I would see her again. I kept thinking about how I could have been with her, that I could have saved her. No one else knew how I felt, or that I thought it was my fault. No one understood that my pain wasn't only for her being gone, but also for the feelings that I could have saved her. 

The End

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