Grandma's house

My sisters and I would wait at the sheriffs office for our father, so that we could spend the weekend with him. I could always tell there was something not right about the situation whenever my mom would see him. But I didn't care, I just wanted to be happy, and wasn't that my right as a child? I have few memories of times like these, but I do have enough to remember the effect it had on my development. 

So our dad would pick us up, and we would go to grandma's house and stay there. We always loved our grandma, and looking back, she was the only one who I ever felt loved by all the time. I don't really remember much about my father, most of the time it seemed our grandma would pick us up. But I was young, and so I could be mistaken. My parents had divorced and I hadn't understood why. I still don't know the whole story, and I am fine with that. Because it honestly doesn't matter to me anymore. 

But that is where this is going to start. My parents had divorced, and we would visit our father or grandma every other weekend for a couple years. I became very familiar with the road between my hometown and my grandma's house. I knew how much longer the ride was based on different trees or buildings I saw, I didn't have to ask how long because I knew. When we would arrive at grandma's house we would often take our stuff up to our rooms and then go back downstairs to watch a movie or play a game. I loved it  because it was my only safe place, where I could relax and feel safe from the world. 

She even had a closet full of dress up clothes, and I had a black vest with  green sequence on the front, and I was always the evil wizard while my sisters would be princesses or witches. We got along pretty well back then, my sisters and I. We were siblings, I was a loving kid who knew how to have fun and care about people and I cared about my sisters. And my grandma always was good to us, kind and loving, never hurtful. We all loved her so much, and we tried our best to behave so she would stay happy. Grandma's house was and is, safety and love. 

The End

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