Future of medical ethics

Medical ethics is one of the important component if healthcare delivary system worldwide. Recent trend has reflected a decay of ethical values from a profession once known as god among population at large.
No of intrinsic factor as well as social changes can be attributed to such a sorry state of affairs.
It may be morale degradation of healthcare providers or changed public perception towards a more liberal choices , no of conflict has raised alarmingly. Some nations resort to legal provision

Advantages of collaborative projects are obvious ...

 a vital point may be raised by anyone....we need not identify who contributed that particular point... A schoolboy or a professor. Does it make any difference.... ?This corrects some amount of misdirection of a unilateral thoughts & studies.The forum is intended to produce a final document in the form of an eBook provisionally titled 'Future of MedMedical science is a fast evolving with advent of newer technologies & newer discoveries. Change in treatment protocols & diagnostic procedures is a part of healthcare delivary system anywhere in the world. Ethics in medical practice is inseparable part of healthcare system. Perhaps it bears more importance for dealing with human life & sufferings. Ever changing nature of health science lead to newer ethical conflicts.Dynamics of social value system give rise to newer ethical strains along the timeline.Apart from few basic human virtues present universally, Ethics in healthcare system may vary to great extent depending upon socio-political dynaics, cultural diversity, linguistic differences etc.An apparently naive question like 'who can best determine patient interest' once a time has twisted several times by economic inevitability made by socio-political obligations. Social values & public perception of what is right or wrong is increasingly becoming complex now a days. Issues need to be viewed in the light of freedom of individual expression as well as within the range of social welfare benefiting the largest group of population. A complex & ever changing nature of medical ethics has made it an ideao issue for discussion & collaboration to arrive at a common consensus.Its the essence of a colabortive solution and Person of diverse professional background can participate with their valuable opinion enriching the pool of knowledge. It nulifes some unintentional biases of scholastic works. A particical Ethics: with special focus on developing nation.'Title of the work may be changed according to its content , however subject matter will adhere to the core objectives mentioned below.

1. Basic comprehensive concept of medical ethics for extended family of healthcare service providers.

2. Setting up framework for best ethical practice norms for doctors. Prioritisation of issues in low resource situation.

3. Outline steps for a common consensus by drawing policy makers attention to some areas of concern . shifting focus to more relevant & deficient areas.

4. A roadmap for problem solving strategy in ethical issues, developing ethical problem solving skills of professionals & reducing conflict of interest both within & outside..

5. Ethical challenge of forthcoming days in emerging areas of healthcare e.g clinical trials, research etc. & preparadeness for their mitigation.

Each & every contributors will be duly acknowledged of their contri & credited aprppriately in the final document. However, some of the write ups may have to be omitted at the editors discretion.

Contribution will be accepted up to 15th January 2015.Volunteer expected for guest editing & moderating discussions.

No offensive word & no plagiarism please.

For convenience of arrangement & strealining of contributions few topics have been outlined below to begin with. However, these are not watertight compartment to confine within. Contributors can write on anything , may start with one topic & end on a different one, with overlapping of points as long as the relevence to the main subject matter is maintained.

1. Introduction to fundamental concept of medical ethics, history & different theories.

2. International scenario on health ethics , legislations, ethical bodies & documents.

3. Range of ethical perimeter, members & institutions within , doctor-patient-society relationship.

4. Social, economic & political factors affecting ethics.... Community health , prioritisation in low resource economy, Problem solving & conflict resolution

5. Case studies...hypothetical situations of ethical relevece & their solutions.

6. Medical ethics teaching in medical academic curriculum.

7. Best practice norms/examples....worldwide.

8. Modern issues in medica ethics ....research, clinical trials etc.

The End

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