Me attempting to make shortbread

On saturday afternoon, i attempted to make shortbread. I got out my ingredients, then realised i had not enough... so i went to morrisons and bought a bit more. Next, I weighed it all out and put it all on the worktop :) . I then put 150 grams of sieved flour and 50g of fat into a bowl.It was meant to look like breadcrumbs but to me, it still looked like fat and a bit more flour. I emptied what 50g or so of caster I had in the packet and stirred it with a large wooden spoon. This is the point where it should be nice and sticky and should be easily made into a ball shape. However this was not the case for me. I needed to put some more water in to make it stickier and easier to roll. I then lay the doughy stuff onto the lightly floured worktop and roll it out until approximately 1cm thick(i used a ruler because weird like that). Next, you find a cutter, like my star shaped one, and create fine shaped shortbread. You would put these on a pre greased baking sheet but i forgot so did it quickly then. I finally turned the oven to Gas 5,190*c. This was supposed to be for 20 mins but I didn't quite know what they were supposed to turn out like so I took them out after 30 minutes looking black and burnt :) 

The End

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