So Let Me Get This Straight....?

Alright, for the sake of time (and less confusion)



With that said, I will continue. It may be the other way around, but in this chapter, when I reference "North", I am meaning "Handrin", and so on.

Alright, so I mentioned this in a recent comment, but I will re-state it, and now that I have re-read the past two chapters, I understand it better....I think.

Events In Masquerade

  • First battle From my understanding, this is when the black powder is first used, and also when Luke and Lewis partake in the battle. (oh yes, and marcuslee and everybody else--though I suspect it will be Mark!--correct me and tell me how far I am off. I really want to fully understand this so that I can write in full confidence that I am not screwing up all our work!)
  • Frederick comes to Mr. Elliot and Luke Elliot (and thus also Lewis) and reveals the girls' spying mission to them for reasons which are still under discussion. Were the options (a--Frederick disapproves of Jon's choice to gather the group or (b--The girls are in danger.  At hearing this, the pair of Luke/Lewis set off as run-aways or "under employment" of the Masquerade (has that been decided yet?)
  • Court girls continue to spy, Luke/Lewis enter the Masquerade, but what happens to Jon/Katrina/Nellie/Other-spy-women in this down-time?  I don't think we've really talked about what is the next step for them and the group of spy women. Where are they headed next and to do what? I know they are spies....but what are they going to be spying on? The gathering, movements of the Handrin army or something of that sort?
  • Here is when things get a little muttled for me.....Now, does the second big battle that we speak of happen at the end of the first, in the second, or the end of the second? This second big battle we speak of is the one in which the Iberan forces advance on the captial, one of the court girls is captured, Jon experiences his "fake death" and is captured as well (right?), and somewhere just before this Jon and Katrina get married, and she pregnant. I am sort of Masquerade would be more of them spying, Libeation would be the "liberation" of Ibera from Handrin and the "death of Jon" and the capture of one of the girls, and Reunion would be the  "reunion" of its end, right? Oh, boy, am I just making more things confusing?


 Sorry if I am mixing stuff up!


The End

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