My Reply to Zills

Working on geography is an important feature of a long term story. There are a couple of things we could do to accomplish this, the easy way and the hard way. This story is already exploding into tons of possibilities, so I say we go the easy way to keep it easy (cuz I am lazy), but here are both presented for consideration.

Easy way - go through the story, jotting down the geography already mentioned in the story and keep track of it in its own chapter.

Hard way - do the above plus create a detailed map of the area, creating names for near by things and places. Of course, blank areas can always be filled in later.

If we want the map, I can do it because I have done maps before. The hard part will be to get the map to match what has already been written. Thankfully, descriptions of the setting have been limited.

The same is true of the timeline idea. We can be simple with it or detailed. The hard part with the timeline would be matching the story. I don't even know how much time has passed in the story. Has it been weeks or months?

Do we want to map out events that occurred before the story started? Early events of the war? I would say some but only those that are needed. As far as future events go, I believe we are working on that. Once we come up with a plan ... if we come up with one, we can jot down a list of events that have not happened.

I had an idea of creating a chapter listing unresolved plot ideas. We could do something like this for future events. Create a chapter with the ideas that we all agree on. That doesn't mean that we have to keep to the list 100%, though.

If we jot down a list of unresolved plot ideas and everyone pays attention to the list, we may not even need a timeline except for a general history of the world. Deciding on how to end the story would be the most important future event I would be intereseted in keeping track of.

I would say that Nellie and Katrina will not go to court. The events just don't add up. The North will soon know of the spies, though their details will be limited. We might find other places and things for them to do.

Personally, I like the idea of writing battle scenes. But, I think we need to decide how much of the negative side of war we will highlight.

As far as who attacks who ... I would say the North attacks the South. Does the South know that black powder is coming? That's the true question, in my mind. Maybe they know a secret weapon is coming but not what it does exactly. If that is the case, the battle could be soon. Perhaps the girls hear in court that a campaign is being organized, and that coupled with the limited knowledge of the 'powder' that the girls have already heard, is the message that is passed to the army. Will the army believe it? (This is vaguely familiar. I think we have already posted this sort of thing.)

Sorry for rambling. I have not slept much in the past 36 hours. I would not be surprised if the above thoughts aren't my most organized.

I am visiting my family two states south of home. That's why I have not written a chapter in the past couple of days and probably won't in the next few days to come. I will keep up with what is being discussed and posted, though.

The End

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